Friday, November 5, 2010

Flash Fiction 55, corner left from Bus ticket-10/5/10

Drinking water
from bending leaves
a coil and course
of throaty songs,  

tucked and folded
cool and long,
 passing over
wrapping 'round,

hammering silver
out and down
to find more voice in sea.


Brian Miller said...

interesting...some cool things here...drinking from a leaf...nice....that second stanza has some wicked seems random though in light of the though

Eric Alder said...

I can follow that one all the way to the sea... nice 55, Izzy!

Claudia said...

drinking water from bending leaves...that rocks!
my 55 is here

G-Man said...

This has such a beautiful flow Izzy.
Most excellent 55 my friend.
This is why I love my job...:-)
Thanks for playing Today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Jingle said...

that's beautiful 55.
you make nature alive.
timeless imagery.

Monkey Man said...

Stopping by from your comment on my Sunday 160. This is a great 55. Give the Sunday 160 a try sometime. Love to see you there.