Monday, March 21, 2011

Poetry Bus 3/21/11

 The challenge is to go somewhere we have never
been before and write about it.
  Yesterday, I walked a slow cubic path
into the back room of a popular Tavern
for a Surprise Party and Brunch.

I sat with four ladies I had never met.
After introductions,Marta
began by unveiling her tattoos.

Down below the sleeve line
a long horn skull spread out
over her right bicep.

White and red flowers
and vines banded her left arm.
Each had a story and related to someone.

I reflected that tiny, subtle
brown crosses or muted blue dots,
were all I could conceive of
if tattoos were required decor.

Migratory patterns of a life,
a long path,beads of homage
to birds, fish, game I have eaten,
might trail along the edge
of a collar bone.

Tiny symbols of art or poets
might tiptoe single file
etching with a few little beads
along tendons.

They might after long living,
encompass shadow lines
along most of a body.


Jinksy said...

The story of a life written on the body? Count me out on that one, thanks! LOL

120 Socks said...

'Shadow lines along most of a body', great final line for sure Izzy, I guess we all end up wearing our tattoes, even if they are not of the standard variety!

Helen said...

I'm tempted. Just one. It's your fault!!

Totalfeckineejit said...

That's a cool concept. I guess wrinkles and scars are natures tatoos of our lives.I like this poem. I'm taken with the final 3 lines, I'm not sure why, but they seem to be saying more than they are saying?!

The Bug said...

I like this meandering consideration of tattoos...

Titus said...

izzy! That is now amongst my official list of favourites of yours. It becomes deliciously opaque - blue/black - as it progresses and the tattoo becomes image of so much more.

hpicasso said...

my tats are internal...I am just borrowing this space suit, so in case some else needs it, I decided not to mar it...poet leave scars

Peace, hp

thanks for the Booth link, very interesting

Karen said...

Really, really nice contemplation of self.

Tess Kincaid said...

This is so lovely. I think I must have one, now.

Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, Izzy, this is a beautiful tribute to demarcations of your life. Very visual and intriguing. I especially liked the decoration of the collarbone and your last stanza. Good work!